TWC Maps Still Not Working in Vew Version

@Mike Singer - I think IBM/TWC has begun to block all non-data account calls on their data URLs. After installing WWL 7.2.73 on Aug 9th none of the TWC maps worked. I also had some of TWCs new map URLs bookmarked in my browser and they now come up as a blank page also, although prior to around midnight on Aug 8th, my updated bookmarked map URLs worked. If IBM/TWC is not blocking unpaid calls on their URLs Mike, then maybe you can figure whats going on here. I always thought that free access to their maps was a backdoor that somebody would lock sooner or later.

If you put this prefix[/url] on the TWC map URLs and remove this one [url=] Then all of the TWC map URLs from WWLs Map Manager will work.

The “” prefix also works. TWC is most likely having technical issues or they are doing some cleanup on their end.

Mike, I had the “” prefix fail profusely on all of the TWC map URLs that I had bookedmarked, on Tuesday evening Aug 9th.

Are you using Weather Watcher 7.2.74? If not, please try upgrading.