Trouble closing internet explorer windows

I am having trouble closing IE windows, I click on the X and some times they will not close, I bring up task manager and IE is not responding so I choose end task and the window still will not close.

It will close if given a lot of time, 15 to 20 minutes.

I ask if weather watcher is causing this because I have to close weather watcher in order to operate one or tow of my programs. If I don’t close weather watcher it caused these programs to stall, freeze up after about fifteen or twenty minutes of use.

Any Ideas?
Thanks for any help, Ed


Remove your email address from your posting ASAP!!!

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What OS are you running? It sounds like Windows 98. How much memory (RAM) does your pc have?

I have never encountered a program that wouldn’t run with WW running. I have encountered some games that run better with WW down but they did run with it up.

How frequent do you have WW set to update? How do you connect to the Internet?

IE not closing

Thanks for replying so quickly;
I run XP, I have 2 gigs of ram. WW udates every 30 min.

thanks, Ed.

PS thanks for the tip on removing my email address.

Actually, anytime I post my email address on forums, I use this email icon generator.


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Re: IE not closing

Well your system specs sound fine. What apps do you run that you need to shutdown WW?

And yet your posting still has your address. :-s

With forums the object is to share both problems and solutions so all can benefit. You should never need to show an email address in a forum other than when you sign up. Private communication breaks the concept.