beta version
Tray says NA for Ventnor, NJ
Any suggestions?

It looks like they are having some trouble with their weather station. You could try contacting WeatherBug to let them know:

I’ve reported this bug in WWL before, including giving an example of a station that lists the condition as “N/A” in WWL, but lists the condition correctly in WW. See: … php?t=2232

Seth, WW and WWL use different data sources. That said, we cannot compare the two when running into data-related issues.

Mike, this is definitely a bug introduced since WWL 47. I uninstalled version 52 and re-installed version 47. The three stations I listed as giving “Condition: N/A” in Versions 51 and 52 work perfectly in Version 47.

Seth, can you post a screenshot? I want to make sure we are on the same page.

I installed version 52 over version 47 to get you a screen shot - and WWL 52 now works properly. Go figure.

I’ll post back if the problem returns.