Tray - wind is gusting ?

Strange thing in the tray. I have no idea if this is correct. Reaad the following text.

Wind: 12 km/hr, gusting 4 km/hr

The gusts are lower then the normal wind speed.

I’m seeing the same thing. (v0.0.40)

an, no solution for this ?

At this moment, in Antwerp

Wind 315°, 5 km/hr gusting to 5 km/hr
(is that not strange??)

Mine says 4 mph gusting to 38 mph which is fine for the correct order, however, the wind has not been gusting for about 6 hours now. I’m curious as to how far back WW Live looks to determine whether it’s still gusting or not.

Do you see the same thing at

Unfortunately, yes. A small box with the heading “so far today” shows low, high, rain, and gust. So WW Live is getting the information as listed from WeatherBug. The bad news, for me, is that I would much prefer to know the current wind conditions including gusts.

Not necessarily bad news - it’s just that if you see erroneous data in WWL, the first thing to do is to check and see if the same erroneous data is there - if so, then it is an issue with their reporting station / their interpretation / manipulation of incoming data, and all queries should be referred to them.

If you see expected data at and erroneous data in WWL, then you should be asking questions here.

unrealguy69, it’s good to hear that this is not a bug in Weather Watcher Live.

I can pass this information onto my contact at if you can give me something to work with. Can you post a screenshot of your page when this happens? Otherwise, I’m not sure how I can help because I was not able to find any weather stations that were displaying odd wind readings.

Here’s a screenshot of WeatherBug at 7:02 A.M. There is currently no wind but the tray tooltip in WW Live says wind is 0 gusting to 15 mph. Apparently that’s because “so far today” it was that.

Right – the wind is currently blowing at 0 mph, but gusts have reached up to 15 mph. Is that misleading?

Well, yes, to me it is. I would prefer to just look at the tooltip and know what it’s doing outside right now, not what it was doing sometime hours ago.

Got it – I will modify the tooltip to remove the max wind gust.