Tray Tooltip temperatures not accurate

Hi, I’m using Weather Watcher Live 0.0.40, and I’ve noticed that the Tray Tooltip doesn’t display the correct values for “Today’s High” and “Today’s Low”. Rather, it seems to display the “high so far” for Today’s High, rather than the actual forcasted high.

For example, if I check the weather in the morning sometime, it might currently be 10°C and with a forecasted high of 15°C. In that case, the tooltip says “Today’s High” is 10° rather than 15°. That’s incorrect!

The value for Today’s Low on the tooltip also is not the same as what it should be. As an example, right now on the “Daily” page it tells me that the Low temperature for today is 8°C. But on the tooltip, the value for Today’s Low is 10°C. I dunno where that discrepancy is coming from.


Thanks for posting this; I was about to make the same observation :slight_smile:

The tooltip values seem to follow the Min/Max values in the table rather than the “Today” values in the upper left.

Yes, that is correct. The values in the upper, left are forecasted values. The tooltip is displaying actual recorded values.

May I suggest that this is misleading, and request it be changed?! The term “Today’s High” implies the forecast high of the day, not the current maximum “so far”. At least that’s how other weather services use the term. For example look at - … l/GMXX0128 - on that page there’s a box called “Today” (below the hourly forecast), and in the Today box it has the value labelled “High” - ie. Today’s High. That’s showing the forecast high, not the max temp “so far”. In fact I don’t think they even bother showing the “max so far” temperature on their site - they just show the current temp, and the forecast high (and low).

I’d suggest making the Today’s High and Today’s Low values in the tooltip equal to the High and Low values in the top-left of the main window. Then I’d suggest either not using the min/max “so far” values at all in the tooltip - they’re not as important, IMO - or else, if you want to use them, make them into separate lines in the tooltip, labelled “Max so far” and “Min so far” or something. Then it’s very clear exactly what each line is referring to. :slight_smile:


“Today’s High” is quite vague – it could really have either meaning. How about 4 values: “Today’s High”, “Today’s Max”, “Today’s Low”, and “Today’s Min”?

Sure, that would work! :slight_smile:

Kiwi, I added those Tray Tooltip Values in the following Weather Watcher Live build:

The “Today’s High” and “Today’s Low” values now display the temperatures from the Daily forecast. The “Today’s Max” and “Today’s Min” values display the highest/lowest temperatures reached.

Works great, thanks! :slight_smile: