Tray Tooltip Suggestions: Local Time &Formatting


I love Weather Watcher. I?ve been using it for years. It?s much better/nicer than those other weather programs that are bug and spyware-laden resource hogs.

I just downloaded version 5.6. It looks very nice. This has prompted me to a couple of suggestions. In the suggestions, the words Tray Tooltip, Active City, Tray Icon, Observed Time, and Value Descriptions are bolded because that is how they are described in the program. The words Local Time and Weather Values are bolded because I would like the first to be a formal part of the program and because I am trying to make the second a little more coherent.

Suggestion 1:

Could a feature be installed that tells the Local Time of the Active City in the Tray Tooltip? Let me elaborate. What I am suggesting is that when the Tray Tooltip automatically pops up or when it is called up by hovering the mouse over the Tray Icon, that the Local Time at the moment of that Tooltip display be calculated and displayed in the Tray Tooltip. Can or would this be added? Would it be too difficult? I don?t like relying on the Observed Time of the Active City to tell me what time it is there because that is just a rough guide about the last time the weather was observed.

Suggestion 2:

Could the Tray Tooltip be formatted so that the Value Descriptions (the ones before the colon) were bolded?
And could the various Weather Values be set off from the colon a constant distance, so that they were in a straight line instead of jaggedly following directly behind the Value Description? This would tidy up the appearance and make it easier to read.