Tray tooltip position

Love the new tray tooltip skinning!

Unfortunately, the tooltip is not displaying centered on the screen, unstead of in the lower right corner.

Any ideas how to reset this?


You cannot “reset” it. Which version of Windows do you have?

Guess I should proof my postings before sending.

The tooltips are displaying centered on the display, instead of in the lower right corner.

XP SP2. Matrox P650 video w/2 Dell 2001FP monitors.

Several earlier versions of WW have worked fine on this PC. Whatever version I had been using before the latest had never done this. Installed the latest release and the problem started right away.
Did try uninstalling and reinstalling; no change in behavior.

Works correctly on another XP SP2 box with a single monitor and the same video card.

I did find that I can temporarily influence the position of the tray tooltip by opening Weather Watcher, moving it around the screen and closing it. The next time a tooltip opens, it will set its position at the upper left coordinates of the main Weather Watcher window. Thought I had a workaround, but it only does this once, then reverts to being centered again.

What other information can I get for you to help troubleshoot this?


At this point, that’s all I need. A few other people are having similar problems. I am going to work on a fix this weekend. If you would like to test the fix for me, please e-mail me.