Tray Tooltip does not show over opened windows!

I am using the latest version of Weather Watcher 6.0 Beta.

I am having issues with the Tray Tooltip.

When I place my cursor over the Temp icon in the system tray the Tray Tooltip does not show over any opened windows.


So like if I am surfing the internet with IE7 and then place my cursor over the Temp icon the Tray Tooltip does not show at all.

When I have all windows minimized with only the desktop showing the Tray Tooltip shows with no issues.

Can this be fixed?

I have noticed this same behavior… the Tray Tooltip window is always hidden under any other active window. Otherwise, everything else about Weather Watcher Live works GREAT. I’ll be awaiting the fix while I enjoy all the other wonderful features! Thanks.

superman75, this also happens in Weather Watcher at times. As far as I can tell, it’s an issue with Windows itself. It doesn’t always seem to give Weather Watcher Live the proper focus.

Can this be fixed?

Because it really sucks not being able to see the tray tooltip while I am running maximized windows :frowning:

Also why does it work for Weather Watcher and not Weather Watcher Live?

Can Windows be fixed? I’m not sure.

This also happens in Weather Watcher.

See my post here … php?t=2104

I originally reported this problem a while back, but one of the reasons I was having issues is because I would set the single click of the System Tray icon to open WW / WWL and the double click to open the options dialog. This time around I have left the settings default (single click = no action, double click = open WWL) and now, single clicking on the tray icon makes the tray tooltip appear over all windows.

The fact that it gets hidden by the windows in the first place, especially upon minimizing the main WWL interface, is a bit disconcerting, but now at least I am able to get it back easily.


Any difference with the following Weather Watcher Live build?

Hello Mike :slight_smile:

I downloaded that build and here is what I found.

If I set Left-Single-Click Action to “No Action” the skinned tooltip pops up over all Maximized windows.

If I set Left-Single-Click Action to “Open Weather Watcher Live” the skinned tooltip does not pop up at all over Maximized windows.

Ok this is strange.

If I double click to open Weather Watcher Live then close it the skinned tooltip will no longer popup when hovering the cursor over the temp icon. You have to click the temp icon then the skinned tooltip pops up again. :frowning:

As I mentioned in my own post in this same nature it gets better - if you right click and select options, or about, and then close either of those boxes, then the tool tip appears on top. It basically loses the ability to appear on top of all windows when you ‘minimize’ the main WWL window, for some odd reason.

This is still a problem on Windows 7 64 SP1 and Weather Watcher 7.0.81. Same symptom as previously described. The popup window when hovering over the taskbar icon frequently fails to appear on top of other windows.

It’s extremely easy to replicate, at least on my system which was clean installed about month ago and is current on all updates. When the main window is open, press the Minimize button. After doing that, hovering over the Task Bar tray icon will cause the pop up to appear behind all other windows. If you left click on the taskbar icon first, the popup will now appear on top of the other windows.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as predictable as that. Sooner or later it will stop appearing on other windows for no apparent reason.

I just installed Weather Watcher last night and am disappointed to find such a big bug so quickly. I’m hoping this can be a replacement for Weatherbug, but not without a fix for this.


bachastain, please install the build below and let me know if it resolves that issue. After installing this update, I can no longer reproduce that problem using your steps above.

Boy, that was fast! I tried the new version and it does indeed appear to fix the problem! The popup now consistently appears on top of other windows. That’s for the fast response!



This is user superman75 I had to create a new account because I could not remember my password and I did try and get it resent to my email but fir some reason comcast is blocking it. I have has this issue with other forums and comcast email too.

Anyway I just wanted to report that this bug does in fact seemed to finally be fixed! :icon_smile:

I am using build 7.0.95 and the skinned tray tooltip now seems to always open over all other windows.

manofsteel, thanks for confirming! I reset the password for your other account. I’ll email it to you.

Thanks for the password reset.

And again thanks a lot for fixing this long standing pain in the butt bug!! :cheers: =D>

Still working great!