Tray temp not italic before update

Since I installed the Beta 10 (full install), the temperature reading in the tray is not displayed in italics before update.

This will be fixed in Beta 11.


I just updated to Beta 10 a few days ago and I’ve had this same problem with the tray temp not being italic before updating. That’s a very minor thing to me though. I am still having trouble with the “Severe Weather Alerts” coming up blank in this new version and then if you click on current conditions, hourly conditions, etc… I get the Runtime Error and when you click OK it closes WW. To keep from getting the Runtime Error you have to close the window (hit X) and then double click on the Tray Temp Icon again to open it back up. When it opens back up it will be on Current Condtions and you’ll see the Severe Weather Alert brief to the right. Click on the brief and then the Severe Weather Alert comes up properly. Other than that, I really like the new version. I updated the “Advance” Skin from the update Mike posted with no problem. I love the new look of the Tray Icon pop-up info window with the light blue background and the condition icon! Great job Mike! I’ll be looking forward to Beta 11! [:D]

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WW Version 5.6 Beta 10
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