Tray not displaying full temp.

I have just loaded WW for the first time so have the latest version. In the system tray the temp seems to drop of the first digit, so 16.1 is shown as 6.1? I am using XP SP2

The tray icon can support about 3 chars with the default font. If you want to use the decimal point you need a smaller font. Or colder weather. [:D]

Ed</font id=“blue”></font id=“size2”>

I use the ‘Arial Narrow’ font, bold, 8 points. That font and point size seems to work fine for -50? to +30? metric displaying the degree symbol. To display the metric tenths, you’ll likely need an very small font…I suggest you tick ‘Never display tenths place’ in Options, Tray Icon…this is also where you change the font criteria for the tray display.

Bill McMurry

Thanks guys, got rid of the decimal point and now it’s fine