Tray info shows on startup

I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and have WWL 7.2.50 set to start when Windows starts.

After my upgrade to Windows 10 WWL now shows the tray info about center of the screen above the taskbar when Windows has stated. It remains there until I move my mouse. Hovering over WWL tray icon properly displays the info I’ve selected.

I don’t know if this is a bug or a Windows 10 thing but thought I’d pass it on since it didn’t do it on Windows 7.

The latest version is 7.2.51. Can you check it with the latest version and see if it still does it. May need to wait and see what Mike says.

Thanks but when I checked for new updates I was told I had latest, 7.2.50

On the home page where it says download now click on that to download it will get it This is what you will see when you download it. WWL72051.exe Hope this helps.

7.2.51 is the latest version. It was not showing up in the version checker though because it was not up-to-date on my server. Weather Watcher should report 7.2.51 as the latest version if you check now.

The issue mentioned above has been reported, but I haven’t released a fix for it yet. I will be working to resolve it in the next release.

Thanks, Mike

What changes were made in Ver. 7.2.51

Mike, when I check on Ver. 7.2.51 “About Weather Watcher Live”, “Latest Changes”, this is what I am seeing;

FIXED: When the daily forecast temperatures are not available due to temporary data feed issues, the temperature data from the hourly forecast will be displayed for as many days as is available.

What changes were made in Ver. 7.2.51?

Thanks Mike, for all your hard work and time working on this software!!!

Re: What changes were made in Ver. 7.2.51

I made a minor change to set the tray icon text color to a lighter color so first time Windows 10 users would not see what looks like a blank space for an icon in the Windows system tray.