Tray icon

I’m just trying this program, and it’s not showing up in the tray. Actually it shows the icon of the guy with the lightening bolt until I move my mouse over it, at which time it disappears. Weather Watcher is still running in the task manager. I set the zip code, for the program to load with windows and to start minimized. It’s probably something I did, but so far I can’t figure it out.

Thanks for any help.

I am having the same problem. Im running w2k fully patched, zone alarm, avg.

Normally I dont use IE for anything except windowsupdate :confused:

I muddled with my IE settings to get the cities to load, and got that to work, but now it shows the little thor/lightning god, and when I mouse-over it vanishes.

Anyone know whats up?

Having the EXACT same problem. Went to update from 5.4a (or b, not sure) and now it won’t show up in system tray. When I clicked on it, it said 5.4c, now I notice the web page says 5.5. Is it possible to go get 5.4c still? Maybe a downgrade will help…

Just as an FYI, I grabbed 5.4c off a mirror site, reinstalled, and now it’s working fine. This is on Windows 98, by the way. The 5.5 upgrade seemed to go fine on the XP machine. Mike - if you’re watching, I think there’s a bug…

Oh and by the way - thanks for such a great program!

One last note…I compared the original 5.5 setup I downloaded (earlier today) to the one I just downloaded again and found that they were not the same file. So, on a whim, I uninstalled and reinstalled the “new” 5.5 and voila! It’s working again! Maybe there was a corrupted version posted or something, but chris000001 and bludstone, try downloading it again and reinstalling.

5.5 is working perfectly for me.

Thanks for the replies.

It’s not a bug… you were missing needed Window system files. This usually happens when installing an update, instead of the full version. The update does not include the needed Windows system files.