Tray Icon suggestion

I think it’d be great if the tray icon background or foreground colors changed when there was a severe weather alert (say, to red?).

Likewise, does the alert bubble only display once? I’ve exited and restarted WW and it does not pop up again even though we are currently under an alert. The bubble shouldn’t pop up every time the weather is updated, but the tray background should remain different until the alert has expired.

Great application. Downloaded it today. Already un-installed my other weather widget. This is way better than anything else I’ve seen.


Your background/foreground suggestion will be in the “Moods” section of the Weather Watcher Options.

The severe alert bubble only pops up when there is a new severe weather alert. I think it might get quite annoying if it popped up the same alert everytime you downloaded the weather… especially if you were downloading it at 10-minute intervals [:D]