Tray icon not showing negative temperatures


Have seen a number of posts relating to the Weather Watcher tray icon not appearing for varying reasons, but mine is going blank whenever the temperature drops below 0 degrees. This has only happened since upgrading to version 5.6.5.

For example, in the following screenshot the temperature is 2 degrees - so the WW icon displays 2?, visible to the right of the Zone Alarm icon.

However, if the temperature drops to a negative number, as in the second screenshot where it is -1?, then no icon is displayed. This seems to affect both the “temp” and “feels like” temperature.

Has anyone got any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? If not, could you add this to the bug list for your next update please Mike. For reference I’m using Windows XP Home SP2, with “hide inactive icons” set to off.

Finally, as I’m a first time poster here, just wanted to add “keep up the good work” Mike - WW is a well designed and very useful app!