Tray icon insformation and W. Watcher do jnot matc

On my XP-Pro computer Weather Watcher is highly unacurate.

My tray icon gives the Seattle temp. Sunny 13?C and when I open Weather Watcher under Hourly Forcast it gives for that time Showers 19?C.

When I switched to Melbourne, Australia the tray icon showed 1? and when I held the mouse pointer on it 8.9?C Light Drizzle. And when I opened Weather Watcher Hourly Forecast I got for that same time 10.6?C Mostly Cloudy

!!! Interesting observation Ricardo. I see similar differences.

Could it be the difference between one being actual and the other being what was forecasted/predicted? I don’t know about forecasting in your location but it’s not unusual for the weathermen here to be totally wrong about the weather 8 hours in the future. (bedtime forecast vs morning reality)

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As far as Weather Watcher being inaccurate, it’s only grabbing the weather from

The Current Conditions (and tray tooltip) show actual conditions. Those conditions are usually not older than 45 minutes. The Hourly Forecast is just that – a forecast. Those values probably won’t match the Current Conditions, unless the weatherman was dead on, which is not very likely.

Actually my local Spanish (Malaga) weather is fairly acurate but that maybe because it is much the same every day this time of the year.

Thank you for pointing out that the tray tooltip shows the actual conditions … I shall take more note of that in future.