Tray icon displays the wrong temperature -- all the time

I’m using 5.6.16 and have WW set to show the “feels like” temp when it’s in the tray icon. However, it must like 58 degrees because that’s what it’s been showing for 5 days now. The big red thermometer on the left hand side says 58 degrees, but the hour by hour shows 52 and feels like 47. The 58 degrees hasn’t changed all day.
It it just me?

obijuan, take a look at the date listed at the bottom of your forecasts. Is it up-to-date? It sounds like your weather has not been retrieving properly.

What happens when you click the UPDATE button at the top of the main Weather Watcher window?

The fault lies with, go figure!

Hi Mike!
Thanks for the quick reply. I just double-checked the date and time. Yes, everything was correct. Then I clicked on the link to see the forecast at Lo and behold, WW was showing exactly what they showed. This morning it said 60 degrees was “feels like” but when I clicked on the hour by hour it showed “feels like” of 49 degrees for 9 am – 2 minutes from now.
So…apparently I need to have a talk with the kind folks at Weird, though.
Ahem, :oops: , sorry about that.