Tray icon colors don't reflect settings in Options>Tray I

On Windows XP (SP2), the font and background colors are not set reliably. It seems that once I make it transparent, I cannot get the transparency to turn off. Here’s a screenshot:
I had it opaque at one point, but changing the background color changed the color of the weather condition icon, not the temperature icon and after that everything was out of whack.
Using version 5.6.16 installed clean (i.e., not an update)
I’m not really sure what info is important, but I’m using the default skin settings: Splendid skin and Classic icons.

Ah, I found this post that says white is a problem with ClearType. And, now that I read that, I recall that I had gotten a white bg to work by entering 254,254,254 as the color.

Still, it’s probably something that should be addressed. :slight_smile: