Tray font

I’ve tried all the fonts for the tray temp, but most of them are unreadable. I’m using one now that is ok but not great. Is there a way to fix this? I’m using the latest version of the software and I have windows 7.

Which font are you using now?

Please attach a screenshot so I can see your tray icon.

My tray icon is font Arial Black, size 9, normal. Text color Black, Background color is a light yellow. And I have the Blend edges of ClearType text checked.


sbreiden, your screenshot is pixelated, so it’s hard to see what you’re describing.

Here are some suggestions to try:

1) Check (if not checked now) or uncheck (if checked now) the “Blend edges of ClearType text…” box in the “Tray Icon” --> “Colors” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

2) Uncheck all “Transparent” boxes and set the background color in the “Tray Icon” --> “Colors” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

Those two suggestions should help clear up any issues related to the blending of the tray icon background color.

If the issue is truly the font itself, then I suggest trying FFF Forward, Verdana, or Arial. Those fonts always seem to work well for me on any system.

Here are the settings for the font and color that I’m using. I also have W7 and fought with this for a few years before I found one I am very comfortable with. Since the font is a little large (I am visually impaired) I also use colors to enforce the visual effect. Since my bar is dark, almost black, I use a white font. I also drop the 3rd digit for temps over 99. I have white on a black background. Then for alerts, I have white on a red background. Since I live in a cold state, I have black font on a white background to tell me it is below zero since the minus sign is not shown. It all works and is very easy to see. Here are the screenshots of my settings. Hope this will be of help to you.

Wayne :icon_smile: