Transparent tray condition icons

I’ve been working on a new skin for WW and I want to make transparent tray condition icons. I use a GIF file with a trasparent background and it doesn’t look transparent.

What do I do wrong?
Is there any way to make a bigger tray icon?

Can you post a link to the transparent gif? I can test it on my machines.

Here it is:

It looks like WW adds the tooltip background to the tray icon.

Your icon’s background isn’t transparent on my XP / IE 6 system’s Taskbar either. It is on the WW Forecast window and the Tooltip mini window.

Same thing with Vista…
The question is how to make it transparent when used as a taskbar icon?
I don’t think it’s impossible since the temperature icon has a transperant background.
Mike, can you help me with this?

redhotpaprika, I’d have to do some extra coding to remove the background from the tray icon images. I reclal working on that idea a while ago – the images were very choppy looking once the backgrounds were removed.

Mike, is it possible for WW ( I mean theoretically) to use another file format that supports transparent backgrounds for a tray icon, not only GIF?
These icons look pretty good even being as tiny as they are if used as PNG.

I also use PNG for my forecast icons and it works fine…

redhotpaprika, almost anything is possible when it comes to application development. Where can I get a copy of those icons?

I think that can be broaden to include anything IT / DP related. The key questions are not “can it be developed?” but rather “when do you want it?” and “how much are you willing to spend?”. :wink:

EdP, that is so true :icon_smile:

Glad to see you are interested, you can download it here.
I’m also going to include these icons in my new skin.