Tooltip won't go away.

Hi Mike.

Running 5.6.9. some of the time, the tooltip comes up on the hover as usual & then just won’t go away!

Fix is to exit WW & restart it, but then the icon’s not in the right place on the toolbar! Yeah, I know, picky, picky.

Keep up the excellent work.


Which version of Windows do you have? Is there any way to reproduce that problem, or is it completely random?

Thanks, Mike.

Running under XP SP2 & no, I can’t reproduce it consistently.

I’ll just try to keep an eye out for the conditions that cause it, when it happns again.


If you can figure that out, then I should be able to fix the problem. Let me know :cool:

Does the Tool tip become a part of another image and stays around because of it or does the Tooltip remain it’s own entity?


Sorry for the delay - haven’t checke din here for a while.

The image stays around on top of whatever else is on screen.


I’ve had the same thing happen to me but only since the latest release (5.6.12).

It only happens with the skinned tooltips and seems to be related to right-clicking on the WW icon in the tray (and choosing Options… if it matters).
The tooltip then becomes permanent and changing active cities will pop the new correct tooltip on top of the old one!

Hope this helps,

Here’s an update:


Seems this didn’t do it for me at least…
I wasn’t able to recreate it using the right-click as before but I did manage to recreate the permanent skinned tooltip by timing it just right using the left-click (configured to open Weather Watcher).


dborn, here’s another update: