Tooltip Window and Temperature Icon Messed Up

  1. Version: 7.0.29

  2. Detailed description:

For some odd reason, the temperature icon is only displaying a “9” today. It you click to update, it goes back to the normal temperature for a few seconds and then changes back to “9” again. Upon viewing the tooltip window with the basic weather info, I found it to be all messed up. A lot of the weather results were listed as dates and times instead of the usual weather info.

I have already tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I was still using the old 6.0 version of Weather Watcher when this problem occurred today. I thought maybe the version stopped working, so I tried installing the newest version as a trial. The problem remains the same.

  1. Any error messages: None.

  2. Steps to reproduce the problem: See attached photo.

  3. Any relevant screenshots:

Now something odd happened. Just after I submitted my inquiry, the tray icon temperature went back to normal and the tooltip window is displaying properly.

Later it became messed up again.

It keeps switching from messed up to normal and back again all day long.

That was probably a result of an issue with WeatherBug’s data feed. All seems to be working well right now. Are you still able to reproduce this issue?

Yes. It keeps going back and forth. At the moment it is duplicating the picture I uploaded.

I hope the feed gets sorted out soon.

Confirm all of what MurderHeWrote wrote. Problem began yesterday and continues today (18th). Does NOT matter whether I use a WeatherBug or NWS source. I installed the latest WWL update yesterday and no change. If Weather Watcher Live is shut down and then restarted, it initially shows the correct data, and shortly thereafter all of the “measured” data fields fill with the date/time (see Murder’s screenshot). The “database” fields, (forecast high/low, sunrise, sunset, etc.) are normal.

The full Weather Watcher Live window is similarly affected BTW.

Running Windows 7 PRO 64bit and have had no problem until yesterday. There were a couple of updates installed from Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday, but the problem did not start until the day after I applied the updates.

If it’s a feed problem, wouldn’t everybody be on this list yelling and screaming right now? Although not likely when strange things begin happening after Patch Tuesdays, my suspicions go right to MS!

How is everything today?


As of 9/19 everything returned to normal and has stayed normal since. Must have been a feed problem, but don’t understand why BOTH Weatherbug and NWS feeds were affected. Regardless, just happy to have Weather Watcher back alive and well.

Things are alright here as well.