Tooltip Condition and Icon not matching Now Condition

I am running WWL

The tray conditions icon and tool tooltip condition does not match the condition listed in the NOW tab of the main window display. The NOW windows is displaying the correct information.


The “NOW” section is displaying forecasted information. The tray condition icon displays a recorded condition for locations within in the US – or the next available daily condition for location outside of the US.

Which weather station are you using?

Rowlett, Texas (lake Ray Hubbard) is the location. Now is currently showing thunderstorms and the tray icon condition is showing cloudy. Big difference.

So, did you have thunderstorms at the location of the weather station when you posted the above post?

Yes it has been overcast with rain.

My best guess is that it was not thunderstorming 100% of the time throughout the day at that location – and was actually just cloudy at one point in the day.

If you feel there is a problem with the weather data, then please contact WeatherBug directly: