Thanks for Fixing Two Old Bugs!

In version 5.6.19, I finally started seeing the tray balloon when a new severe alert was retrieved. On my old Win2K system, this never worked before.

In addition, I’m no longer encountering the circumstance where the text in my tooltip disappears. (In the past few revs of WW, this only seemed to happen upon receipt of a new severe alert - perhaps part of the tray balloon bug?)

Both of these were bugs I had reported back in November, 2005. Not show-stoppers, but I’m really, really glad to see them fixed.

Thanks, Mike! :thumbright:

Seth, some of the bugs are really hard to reproduce, so it’s nearly impossible to fix them. I’m glad I was able to patch a few more things up though :icon_smile:

You need a bigger test lab. More computers, more configurations, more OSs, more staff, etc.

:iconbiggrin: :razz:

For sure… now I just need to find an investor :icon_smile: