Tenths in Celsius mode

In Celsius mode, the tenths for the live temperature are not displayed on the tray tooltip, the tray icon, the Now icon and on the Thermometer, but for the feels like temperature it is OK.
In the options, hide temperature tenths place is not checked and display tenths for Celsius temperatures is checked.
I use the 6.1.15 version with the splendid2 skin and my location is Geneva Switzerland. On the WeatherBug site, the tenths are displayed.

Check the “Display tenths for Celcius temperatures” box in the “Advanced” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window.

The “Display tenths for Celsius temperatures” box in the “Advanced” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options windows is checked. I try to uncheck this box, reload the program, recheck this option and reload again the program but no effect. The tenths for live temperature are never displayed in any places.
But if I check “Display feels like temperature " in " Tray Icon”, the tenths appeared and disappeared when “Display tenths for Celsius temperature” is checked or not checked.
The problem is only with the live (real) temperature.

It’s possible that there are no tenths to display – the temperature is even. Try switching to the following location:


I have observed the WeatherBug site for more than one month, effectively, the tenths place is displayed on their site, but the tenths digit is always “0” !
Therefore, the problem is very probably in the WeatherBug site and not in Weather Watcher Live.