Temps greater than 99

Recently, because it was hot as hell heer last week, if the temp was above
99 the hundreds digit was not displayed. I verified that the display 100’s
option was correct. The only thing I did not verify was if NOT displaying the
degree symbol would’ve made a diff.

let me know if you need anything from me to help out on this.

The tray icon is a fixed size and as such various options that increase the display including font size, and style and degree symbols can result in adverse side effects such as the leading digit not displaying when temps are excessive.

Removing the degree symbol will help, reducing the font size will help, praying for rain will help. :icon_smile:

I could have swore that in an earlier version, I could see the 100 plus the degree symbol. I have played with the font size, I will try again. As far as the rain, we got some so it’s nice and cool here now.

I will get back when the temp goes up.

Has there been any change in this? Is the tray icon still a fixed width or is it adjustable or dynamic?

I would love to be able to see the degree symbol, negatives, and 100+ values all fit. In order to do this now, I have to decrease the font size to an unreadable degree (no pun intended).

Right now I am at 10pt Comic and can only fit two digits, no degree symbol. I tried 10pt Arial Narrow but that won’t fit negative symbol plus degree symbol.


Jorabi, unfortunately, there is no way to increase the width of the system tray icons. The only alternatives I’ve seen are to use two system tray icons or display a tiny window inside of the system tray area. Neither seem to be out well in all cases.

Maybe this does not apply because it uses the clock area, not really a tray icon, but TClock can expand/contract to whatever size is needed. Is that a technique that could be used?

Jorabi, I’m not certain how that program works, but I’m assuming they are inserting a small window inside of the system tray area. Something like that would work, but I don’t know how it would react in all operating systems. It wouldn’t hurt to put together a sample application and try out the idea though :cool:

TClock runs on Windows 95, 98, and NT according to http://www.buzzys.net/tclock.html . So I suspect whatever it does is very basic to Windows which means if WW uses it it should work for most everyone. imo

This page may help you: http://shii.org/tclock/ Its for TClock 2 which is based on TClock and is open source.

EdP, thanks for the link. Unfortunately, it’s not in VB, so it might be more work than it’s worth to dig through that code :neutral: