Temporary IE cache problem


Really love this Weather Watch program but found one annoying thing [:(].
When ww.exe is running it’s preventing clearing the cache of the
Temporary Internet Files folder, so it’s not deleting automatic the IE cache when I close Internet Explorer anymore.
Setting in Advanced of IE 6.0 SP1(empty temp internet files is checked)
After some search I found out that the Weather Watcher 5.6.7 version is the cause of this.
I’m running XP proffesional SP2.
Or I have to delete manually my IE cache each time or have to close ww.exe when I start surfing, but that takes too many actions.


WW does indeed use IE to display it’s forecast window. If you’re paranoid about your IE cache you may have to find another weather app. Personally I size my cache to 10MB and don’t worry about it.

Like I said I love the program and keep on using it, but was worried, for example trojan horses/ spyware (not related to ww), before I found out that ww.exe was preventing it.
And was interestrd if there was a work around, I’m not psaranoid, but maybe a good idea to decrease the cache size to lower level.


If you’re concerned about trojans and spyware, and rightfully so, a more prudent approach would be:

run Windows firewall
run an antivirus program and update it daily
run Windows’ Defender
run SpywareBlaster and update it weekly
and have available to run updated versions of Adaware and Spybot Search and Destroy.

You can also run the latter two on a monthly basis before doing a Defrag and a backup.

Windows Defender, SpywareBlaster, Adaware and Spybot are all free.

Spybot and Adaware will always list cookies as a concern. I don’t agree with that and usually exclude several sites from thier lists so I don’t have to resignon and reset my preferences to sites whose cookies got deleted.