Temperature Tray Icon goes back to 'hiding' on each reboot


Minor issue - At each reboot, the current-temperature icon in the systray has the “Hide when inactive” property. I must change it at each reboot to “Always show”. For most other applications this setting seems to stick. For WW however, it does not. Any suggestions? I am using WinXP Pro.

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Jim H

The setting does not stick because the Weather Watcher tray icon text is always changing. I haven’t found a solution to work around that Windows “feature” yet.

The key may be in knowing what time period Windows uses in determining when an icon is inactive. I don’t know what it is but I rarely loose my icon and my WW update period is set for 25 mins.


Mike - have you made any progress on this? As you said, Windows treats your icon as a new one everytime the temp changes. This is an important issue for me. Thanks.

When you open the Taskbar’s Properties is the Taskbar’s bottom option, Hide inactive icons, checked? If yes does unchecking it keep the WW icon visible?

Of course it does, EdP. That’s not the issue.

Sorry, I got confused by:

I assumed that “This” referred to the WW icon displaying.

BTW/FYI/FWIW My WW 5.6.22 tray icon, which always shows, had it’s Behavior set to Hide when inactive. I changed it to Always show when I 1st posted and it’s still classified that way, several weather updates later.

Now that I have rebooted the WW tray icon’s Customize Behavior is back to Hide when inactive.

I did notice that when the WW Tooltip is displayed the tray icon’s name becomes in the Customize Notifications window and back to Weather Watcher when the tooltip is no longer displayed.

And with a little experimenting I see that if the title is Weather Watcher and the Behavior is Always Show when the tooltip displays the title changes to AND the Behavior changes to Hide when inactive. Unfortunately when the tooltip is no longer displayed and the name reverts back to Weather Watcher the Behavior stays as Hide when inactive.

So now we know the cause of the problem.

Thank you for bringing this up again Jorabi. :thumbright:

So Mike, can this be fix now? :???:

I can only fix the problem by always setting the tooltip to “Weather Watcher” – meaning that the tooltip will pop up when you go to display the skinned tooltip window. To work around that issue, the tooltip is currently being changed to nothing when mousing over the Weather Watcher system tray icon.

Ok, but apparently no title icons get set to Hide when Inactive. And since the tooltip shares the WW icon it’s Behavior is overridding the WW’s setting. How about giving the tooltip a title of Tooltip or WW TT so that it can be assigned an Always Show Behavior?

That’s the easy part. I’m not sure you like the result though – the standard Windows tooltip will appear over the Weather Watcher skinned tooltip window.

:-s What “standard Windows tooltip” ?? :-s

Mouse over the other icons in your system tray.

Well, when I do that the WW tooltip closes so I don’t see that as being a problem. Only one XP tooltip is open at a time.



I see nothing wrong with that picture. The tooltip looks fine, it is not overlaying the Taskbar, it is the only tooltip shown, you watch tv on your pc. I don’t see any problem with the WW tooltip, other than you go crazy with your tooltip options.

Do you have the Hauppauge USB interface or the PCI card?

The standard Windows tooltip is displaying behind (at the very bottom) of the Weather Watcher skinned tooltip window.

Yeah, I watch TV on my computer at times – not very productive though :icon_smile: I have a PCI card.

The standard Weather Watcher tooltip. Ok, so if you give a title to the skinned tooltip the non-skinned Weather Watcher tooltip appears also. But it is mostly hidden, if it could be minimized more it could be totally hidden.

What happens if both versions of the Weather Watcher tooltip are given titles? The same title? Different titles?

Do both tooltips change the WW icon’s tray Behavior?

Well, yes :icon_smile: I was trying to describe the difference… I guess I did a bad job. The Weather Watcher skinned tooltip window is an actual window. The other tooltip is a standard tooltip.

That really depends on where the skinned tooltip is being displayed. For the most part, it would probably be hidden. On some versions of Windows, the standard tooltip might even display over the skinned tooltip.

The skinned tooltip window is a normal window, so I can make it do whatever. The standard tooltip has a mind of its own – does whatever Windows tells it to do. The only way to hide it – that I know of – is to set the tooltip text to NULL.

No, just the standard tooltip.