Temperature not showing in tray icon

Version - 7.2.75

Tray Icon shows N/A and when rolling over tray icon, no weather info is displayed.

I have Windows 7 with all available updates and this did not start until I did an update of Windows yesterday.

Just downloaded newest version of WWL and installed today after tray icon was not displaying information. Thought it may have been WWL.

Possibly not because after update WWL tray icon still has no weather information.

What happens when you click “Refresh” at the top, left of the main Weather Watcher window? Do you have the same problem when using other weather stations?


My Bad!!! Or should I say the selected weather station’s bad.

Found out they were not putting out the temp and other items from their station.

Selected another station close by and everything is fine now.

Sorry for the confusion.

Take care and have a great day.