temperature icon displays N/A in system tray


I am running Win XP and installe weather watcher and it has been working fine. I dropped the WW icon into the allusers desktop so other users signing on to the machine could enjoy it as well.
All that displays for them is N/A. It appears to update the weather, just not display it. Any suggestions on what to try?

Thanks in advance, Tom

Which version of Weather Watcher do you have?


It is 5.0.26


There are problems with Weather Watcher 5.0.27 (and older). I tried tried 5.0.27 today and it seems to be working OK icon. You should give the 5.0.28 beta a try – you’ll find a download link at www.SingersCreations.com.


I uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version, version 5.1b.
Again it ran fine on the administrator account. I dropped the WW icon into allusers --> Desktop and now when I login as another user it says “This is the first time running” and prompts me for the City Code. THe problem is it doesn’t appear to store the settings and the icon in the taskbar still displays N/A. The program will get the weather, just not save the settings.

Thanks, Tom

Tom – Whenever you log on as another user and run Weather Watcher for the first time (under that user), you’ll be prompted to set up the Weather Watcher Options. The new version of Weather Watcher stores the options for each Windows user individually. These options are stored in the [USERNAME].INI files in “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher”.

My best guess is that your other Windows accounts have limited permissions. They must be able to read/write to “C:\Program Files\Weather Watcher” -AND- the Windows Temp folder.