Task Tray Temperature Background Color

I just installed the latest version of Weather Watcher. I find that the temperature showing in the Task Tray has a background color identical to the color of the task tray background. Thus, the tempature number is almost non-visible. Is there a way to change the temperature background box to white, for example?

Yes – change the “Background Color” in the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window and uncheck the “Make transparent” box.


I found this answer and hoped it would help but it didn’t. I also just installed the new program and previously I could have the background in yellow which worked for my poor vision. If I go to the background tab the only choices I have are for severe alert and below freezing which of course don’t apply. Is there a way to make the background yellow all the time? If not I’m afraid the new program will be useless to me :sad: eastharlem

eastharlem, the third choice is “Temperature Above Freezing”. To make the background color yellow all the time, uncheck the “Severe Alert Found” box, uncheck the “Temperature Below Freezing” box, and set the Temperature Above Freezing background color to yellow.

Thank you for the response. I followed your directions and at first I ended up still not being able to see it and then realized that I also needed to change the font color so that it was different from the background and it worked! I’m so happy as I’ve always liked your program and am glad I’ll be able to continue using it. :icon_smile: east harlem

The only way that I can get the system tray icon to display legibly is to have the type in white with a transparent background and blended edges for ClearType. Using Arial, I can’t seem to change the font to any other color without it getting really distorted. Any idea why this is happening?

nok32, which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using? Maybe try turning off the background transparency.