system tray temp icon is partially cutoff

the title says it all…i’ve attached a jpg to illustrated the problem…as you can see, the 8 is partially cutoff on the left side. i searched the forums and didn’t find anythign but i’m sure i’m not the first one to experience this. any fixes? i’m using v5.5e

No jpg attached.

However, to change the temp icon display pull up the Weather Watch Options’ Tray Icon tab and adjust the icon’s Options and Look & Feel.

With mine I have only Show tray ballon and Never display tenths checked and for Look & Feel Courier New, 9 point, Bold selected.

And for some reason WW doesn’t display white well so my Font Color is 248/248/248.


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Thanks for the response. The jpg shows up for me…its a small jpg of my taskbar. Also, I have played w/all the settings and nothing I change helps. I do not see the “show tray balloon” option on my WW.

I cannot see the image you attached either. It looks like you linked it from your Yahoo e-mail account…

You have to use a smaller font or font size for your Weather Watcher system tray icon. There is no other way around this since Windows does not allow the width of the tray icons to be changed.

Sorry. I forgot you said 5.5.

The jpg shows up for me...
That doesn't help us though does it. [:D]

If you have Windows fonts enlarged that impacts WW also. Check Control Panel>Display>Settings tab>Adanced>DPI settings. Anything other than Normal 96 DPI screws up the temp digits.

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I linked from my Yahoo pictures or portfolio or whatever its called where you can store pics. Guess it didn’t work.

Thanks for clearing up the system tray icon size issue.

Thanks for clearing up the system tray icon size issue.
Glad to hear that we did. [:)]

Mike, can you look into WW’s icon display when the screen’s DPI is changed from 96DPI? To see what I mean change the DPI on your system to 110 for example. A small change but it has more of a negative impact on WW than anything else in the System Tray. I don’t know why it does, which is why you should look into it. I suspect a parm in WW needs to be set or updated when the DPI changes.

The DPI change is common with folks whose eyesight is poor.

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EdP, I’ll check it out.