Sys tray icon info showing on Windows startup

This just started happening after Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Running WWL 7.2.73.

When I start my computer and WWL has started in the background the tool tip information usually shown when hovering over the tray icon shows up just above the task bar even though the mouse pointer isn’t near the task bar.

Anyone else having this problem?

This has been asked before, I have same with Winows 8.1 and shows the tool tip when opening WWL where the curser is on the screen…not a big issue but Mike was looking into it a while back.

It was fixed for awhile but showed up again in one of the last updates. I don’t know if it’s related to the Windows Anniversary Update or not but found it interesting it showed up after that update.

I think I found a fix for my system. I found I had Amazon Cloud Drive running in the background (shows up in the system tray) and when I unchecked to start with Windows startup I didn’t have the WWL info show up above my task bar. With auto startup turned off I restarted and shut down/turn on a number of times and not once did the info show up.

I hope it holds true tomorrow too.