stop auto dial up

newbie here but long time user of ww.
recently whenever I start Windows, ww wants to automatically dial up my isp (I assume to retrieve the forcast).

I have the following checked off:

x enable forcast auto update
x only download updates when connected to the computer
x start minimized
x load when Windows start…(note; I want the program loaded and minimized in the lower tray but I do not want it to start retrieveing forcasts just becase the program has been started)


  • Uncheck “Update wallpaper” in the “General” section.
  • Uncheck “Check for new version” in the “General” section.
  • Uncheck “Enable wallpaper auto update” in the “Wallpaper” section.

Here is another tact that may do what you want. Most programs that use the Internet on a Windows computer respect the settings that are set in Control Panel > Internet Settings. Go to the Connections tab and click on the radio button for “Never Dial a Connection”. You may also find these settings from inside of Internet Explorer under Tools > Internet Settings.

This means that no program should automatically dial up an Internet Connection.

When you need access to the Internet in Win 2000 or XP, you will need to go to Control Panel and open Network Connections, then run your normal dialup connection. If you are on Win 95/95/ME, you can run your dialup connection by opening up the My Computer icon on your desktop and opening the Dialup folder, or you can open Windows Explorer and open the Dialup folder.

In any case, a right-click will give you the option to connect or dial. You may also be able to take shortcut to that setting to your desktop by dragging it there or by right-click and Send To Desktop or Create Shortcut.


That’s nice, unless the user is using something other than IE. I can at least grab that setting and use it if the user has not configured that option in Weather Watcher.