Status dialog

While WW 5.6.25 is getting a forecast for the first time, it no longer displays that little bar-graph dialog that shows its progress. (This is when it’s set to update when it first runs, in case that matters.) If you later get the forecast from the tray menu, it displays the dialog just fine. Is anyone else seeing this? :-s

Landroid, yes, I noticed the same when Weather Watcher was set to retrieve the weather on startup. That’ll be corrected in the next release.

Who watches their pc boot?? :-s I turn it on and walk away and come back a minute latter with something to drink. :wink:

Good deal! Thank you sir. :icon_smile:

Boot? Who said anything about booting? :eek:

When else would WW be “getting a forecast for the first time”? :scratch: Well, alright, when running the USB version I suppose but how often does that occur each day?

Or when starting the app anytime it is not running - say, after playing a game, or doing some processor intensive CAD applications, or when you removed all running active programs that try to conenct to the net because oyur cable line is being worked on for a couple of hours so they don’t waste CPU cycles…