Station confusion - WWL 7.0.4

WWL 7.0.4
WinXP Pro SP3 x86

I added a new station (Charlotte Motor Speedway), then switched to it. Now, I can’t seem to switch back to Concord Regional Airport. I’ve set it back, but the main window won’t reflect the change. The screen shot explains all.

The issue eventually cleared itself up automatically, but I’m guessing it shouldn’t be impossible to switch stations on demand, as it was in this case.

There’s no way to verify at this point, but it looks like the airport station went down and Weather Watcher Live switched to the speedway since it was the next closest available station. That’s how the screenshot would look if that was the case.

I had it set to the Speedway and before taking the screen shot, I was trying to switch back to the Airport. (A slightly different scenario from the one you described.) From what you’re saying, I guess this could be explained by the Airport station being unavailable when I tried switching.

Whatever the case, I wish the interface would make clear when a station is inaccessible, rather than making me think there’s a bug in the program.

In the “Advanced” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window, you’ll find a “Display balloon tip when weather station is unavailable” box. If that box is checked, you should see a message pop up from the Weather Watcher Live system tray if your selected weather station goes down. That message should eventually disappear if not acknowledged, so you would probably miss it if you’re not at your computer at that time.

I used to change the displayed weather station at the top, left of the main window, but many thought that was too confusing. Feel free to share any suggestions that you might have.