Starting weather when windows starts

I have been trying to get this to stay intact but occasionally i find that i have to go back & check it again so weather will start with windows, any ideas out there? I have the latest version. :shock:

It sounds like you might be running software that is managing the apps that startup with Windows. If so, you should verify that Weather Watcher is not being restricted there.

FWIW WW ran fine under Windows 7 but after a Windows 10 upgrade autostarting fails to invoke the app.

Turning off WW’s autostart and using a Start Menu StartUp cmd file one gets:

Even if ww.exe is set to run in admin mode.

But manually invoking ww.exe WW runs just fine under Win 10. :thumbright:

When I can not get the check mark to stay to the WWL will start at Windows boot up I run this program. Windows Repair (All in One) You can get it here: Give it a try and see if it helps for you.

Thanks parkd1. :icon_smile: The app looks a little too rough for me but maybe after a system backup I will try it.

The app works great. I use it all the time. if you need help to post in the forums there and you will get great help there. :icon_smile:

so true TY :slight_smile: