Start Delay

I like having my temp icon next to my clock…In order to do this I need to delay “the start up on windows” to load later in the start up process. A registry entry for the delay time would be a nice addition to this program. If it is already there, please tell me its location…Thanks…Dennis

I like this idea as well. :slight_smile:

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Dennis – This sounds like something that would have to be configured outside of Weather Watcher. If it’s inside, then Weather Watcher would have to start up to access that feature… and that would defeat the purpose.

There may be some kins of variable that you can add to the registry to delay it. Try looking around at maybe? I love that search engine [:D]

What about not showing the icon immediately on load? Let the process start hidden/visible(depending on last state) and after a specified amount of time(or optionally immediately) add the icon to the tray.


That’s an idea. It would be hard for me to test though because I do not have that problem. I’d give it a try if someone wants to test it? E-mail me at if you would like to test this out. Thanks!