Some mess with city names and Search feature


I have some mess with adding new station and finding correct city. I’m from Latvia so I’m interested in Latvia’s cites :icon_smile:

I have just downloaded WWL so I have newest currently available version. (0.0.38)

When, after fresh installation, I have tried to add city - Riga i have entered in search box: Riga, Latvia
It returned many options actually not anyhow related to (this) Riga, Only similar option was “Riga, Belarus (Riga)”. Actually I don’t know is there some Riga in Belarus?
On other hand if I open WB page and search same keywords, it opens without any problems, link is: … code=z5640
Similar situation is for other two cities I tried: Valmiera and Rezekne both in Latvia.

So it looks like something doesn’t work well. :frowning:

One little thing too: the google maps positions was not correctly placed, all cities found where somewhere in Atlantic ocean :shock:

Thanks :icon_smile:
I really like WW and use it almost from very beginning :icon_smile: So I’d like to use new version too :icon_smile:
Cheers! :icon_smile:

You are correct – Riga is in Latvia. Weather Watcher Live is displaying the closest available weather stations when you search for Riga, Latvia. Riga is the closest, which is why it appears first in the list. It’s just labeled incorrectly. I’ll let WeatherBug know so they can fix the label.

WeatherBug is displaying the same thing that Weather Watcher Live displays in the search results.

The longitude and latitude coordinates are not correct in WeatherBug’s data feed, so the Google map does not label the location correctly. WeatherBug is aware of this issue and they are working on fix.

Thanks Mike!

There are still some more inaccuracies, I’d like to let you know.
During daytime, it shows night icons. As you can see in screenshots:

and small one:

There in screenshot you can see accurate time when it is downloaded (current time) and when observed.

One more issue is Historical data. A specially I like Min Humidity :lol:

OK, and there is one thing making me sad, it is not to you exactly but to WB, it looks like WB really lacks of weather stations for example old version (data from has more stations in Latvia. So it is more useful for me. Not only capital of Latvia - Riga.