Some Map Entries to Share

I’ve been putting sites into my Map Manager that aren’t necessarily weather related. Here are some of them. I’m always looking for ideas for more cool sites to visit.

Note: Some of these sites need the full screen and navigation so I just use my default browser for maps.

Tip: I use MyIE2 as my web tab-based browser. I can open a map on a tab and automate a reload of the map every few minutes.


Excellent Java Sky Map
Heavens Above
See when visible satellites at night pass overhead
Moon Cam … ooncam.htm
Planet Cams
Sky Above
Another Sky Map
Solar Images
Solar Maps
Solar Weather Graphs
Space Weather


All sorts of Cams. There is a Weather Cam category
Live Weather Images
UM Weather Cams


National Doppler Radar - Animated … mated.html
From here you can get to regional animated maps
Ocean Data
Recent Earthquake Activity
Soho Solar Maps … index.html
(It’s sohowww - it’s confusing the formatting)
Volcano Watch

Mike already has this under US/National/Animated Radar
My Weather Page
This trick will allow you to go to your My Weather Page.
NOAA Home Page
You could spend hours at this site
There doesn’t seem to be any direct link to this from NOAA but they share data. The Radar category can navigate all over the US and is very cool.
Weather Underground