Skin bug and suggestion

Nice program, nice idea.

Here’s a bug report:

With just tray icon showing, right-click and select options. Change skin to 98 or XP then OK dialog box. Then double-click tray icon to open. Window is only partially painted. If you go back to classic skin it’s OK. Also, if you change skin while main window is already open, this doesn’t happen (although the left-side selection icons are missing).

Here’s a suggestion:

Right now there doesn’t seem to be any single-click left-mouse button semantics defined for the tray icon. It’d be convenient to switch active city with single left mouse click.

Nice work.

Re: Skin bug

Sorry I missed that this bug has already been reported here.

The next release will have a single-left-click option.

What do you mean about being able to change active cities when left-clicking the tray icon? When you left click, what do you see happening?