severe weather - icon never flashes !


since i finally have broadband one of the first thing i did was installing WW so i have it always running in my tray and to get a warning/popup if we get any severe weather. (I hardly watch tv :slight_smile:

Ok…i have the latest version and most options at default, i checked “flash icon when new weather update arrives” - but WW never ever flashed when there was a warning…i always have to click on it first to check whether there’s some severe weather…which defies the purpose somehow… :frowning:

PLEASE, please check into that whether there’s something broken so the icon is not flashing/ no pop-ups are coming up once there is any severe weather alerts !

thanks !!!

ps. i run win XP SP1 w/ latest updates

whow…no replies ? Am i the only person who never gets a warning/popup when there is a severe weather warning ? And i am living in darn tornado illinois… :frowning: