Severe weather alerts not working on Vista computer

WW 5.6.34 severe weather alerts are not appearing on Vista Home Premium laptop but work fine on XP computers. Can’t find a fix on support forum.

Thanks, Dave

Do you see any of the WW exe or dll files listed in the Vista machine’s firewall or antivirus logs?

The alerts do not come from but rather from the NWS so maybe that URL is being blocked on the Vista machine.

If you dbl click on the WW current.html file, located in your Windows Profile’s Weather Watcher folder not the install folder, and clicking on the alert link work?

I found that dl.exe was not listed in Norton Internet Security 2009, so I added it. WW.exe was already allowed.

I couldn’t find a Windows Weather Watcher profile folder. Not sure I understand, but I did confirm that I have no problems opening NWS URL.

Don’t forget WW’s GetFile.exe. It needs access also.

I couldn’t find a Windows Weather Watcher profile folder.

It’s in one of these locations depending on OS:


C:\Documents and Settings[i]userid[/i]\Application Data\WeatherWatcher\



I typed ww.exe when I meant GetFile.exe. NIS 2009 does have GetFile.exe allowed.

I’ve looked in C:\Users\userid\AppData\Roaming\WeatherWatcher, there is no html file located there.

Sorry, I was close but missed a couple of subfolder levels.


This is the file I want you to dbl click on. And hopefully IE is your default browser. If it’s not than open IE and drag and drop the file to it.

If you’re using the default WW skin the yourForecastskin value is Splendid.

Current.html file has no link, it contains only the watermark.gif - nothing else.

I may have mislead you as to what is allowed under NIS 2009, ww.exe is not there. Should I add it?


RIGHT click on the WW tray icon, then click on Options then click on the Skins tab. What is the name shown in the Forecast Skin box? Then click on the Open Skin Location button.

In the Explorer window that opens click on the Forecasts folder icon then click on the folder whose name was displayed in the Forecast Skin box above.

Now open the file Current.html in IE. What do you see?

I see 4 folders; Forecasts, Icons, Interface, and ToolTips. Since the skin is Splendid, I double clicked on Forecasts, and then the Splendid folder. Opening the Current.html file, I see a forecast for the next 8 hours. There is no alert associated with it, yet we have been getting numerous alerts in Western Washington for days. Currently, there is both a wind warning alert and a flash flood warning alert yet neither is showing up in Weather Watcher in any way, shape or form on my Vista laptop. For what it’s worth, doing the same thing on my XP computers shows the current flash flood alert.

If you didn’t see any error msgs: security, Windows, etc when you opened the html file and have the same location in both systems, I have no idea what the problem is. Some security setting most likely but which one and where I’m unable to determine. Sorry.

Maybe a Vista user will jump in and offer some guidance.

Many thanks for your patience and time spent on this. Hopefully, someone has a solution.

dcobb, please try the following Weather Watcher build:

Thank you. I’ve downloaded and installed this build. There are no severe weather alerts in my area right now. I’ll post the results once we start getting alerts again, which are certain to happen in Western Washington often during winter as the rains return.


If you don’t want to wait pull up this site: … ional.html, it will show areas with alerts and you can try adding a city in one of them to WW and see if WW alerts pop up.

Ed, over the last couple of days I’ve followed your advice. I’ve tried several locations across the U.S. with severe weather warnings, and these still do not work on my Vista computer. On my XP computer, they pop up as soon as I change the active city to one that has a weather alert.

Thanks for the suggestion, I wish it had worked.

Sorry to hear you still have the problem, but at least now you have a way to test changes you try to resolve it.

The problem is tied to the Vista machine’s security systems and most probably the firewall. You will have to find the system’s log as to what it is blocking, whether it is a WW program or the NWS IP address, and to change it to be allowed. As noted previously I don’t use Vista so I can be more specific.

Good luck in your quest. :icon_smile:

EdP, Weather Watcher pulls all data from It is true that the alerts comes from NWS, but Watcher Watcher retrieves them from

Son of a gun!! Who knew?? :lol:

Are all three WW programs used to access normal weather or is one used to only access the alerts?

If the former and dcobb can get normal weather data what do you suspect is his alert problem?

dcobb when you say you don’t get alerts do you mean you don’t get the system tray popup alert window, the alert msg or icon on the WW forecast window, or both? And did you select any options on the WW Options’ Severe Alerts tab?

Weather Watcher Alerts is the only program of the three that only displays alerts. None of the three programs access NWS directly.

I would check the following:

1) Make sure the latest version of Weather Watcher is installed.

2) In the “Tray Icon” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window, make sure the “Show tray balloon when new severe alert is retrieved” checkbox is checked.

3) In the “Severe Alert” tab of the Weather Watcher Options window, make sure the “Ignore alerts…” radio button is selected and no word/phrases appear in the listbox.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I was referring to just the 3 WW programs; WW.exe, dl.exe and Getfile.exe not different apps.

Oh, I forgot about that one. Easy to overlook. I’ll bet that’s the solution.

Maybe moving that Tray Icon Option to the bottom of the option list on the tab and making the words “severe alerts” start with caps would help emphasis it. Bolding the words would help even more. Severe Alerts or Severe Alerts