Severe Weather Alert

WWL Is not showing this alert. … tId=326107

Live in Salem/Turner, Oregon. It is the boarder of Salem/Turner. The alert would be the same.

Are you using a WeatherBug or Weather Underground weather station? WeatherBug is not showing that alert:

The station I am using is Weather Underground.

Hmmm I even got a e-mail from koinlocal6 about it. I have ProWeather Side Gadget installed and it shows it too.

Right, that weather alert does exist. You can see it on the NWS’s website.

Weather Watcher Live pulls the alerts from WeatherBug’s data feed or Weather Underground’s data feed. If the alert is not present there, then you won’t see it in Weather Watcher Live.

Salem WeatherBug weather stations are not showing that alert. Weather Underground is showing that alert, but it’s being filtered out because it’s not one of the available alert types in Weather Watcher Live.

Try installing the following Weather Watcher Live build:

Could it be added as one of the available alert types?

Try the build above.

Wow you posted that as I was posting mine. That was fast.

Wow Thanks for the fix. Love this program. That did the job.