set up to run on two logins on xp

hi …how do i set up the program to run on two diff logins on xp home…i use the program and my kids like it and would like to load on their login …how do i do this just run on there login and set up ???help and thanks[:D]

james rockford

just run on there login and set up
That should work.

Cities and maps will be shared but not the settings.


yup just run the program and it’ll be good to go… one thing will be that on the newest beta if you’re using skins and you have the two logins using the forcast skin there might be some issues. When the forcast is updated the pages within the skins file are also updated and if both logins are using the same skin dir there might be an issue. I run WW on two differnet logins but i have different forcast skins for each. Outside of that i think everything will work AOK as it has for me