"server not found"

I used WW since many years without any problems. Then, 15 days ago, I saw WW did not run. I have tried to run Weather.com without success. I have seen on the forum I’m not alone. I’ve tried all solutions exposed on without any result.
Now have you found wht’s the reason why?
I have win XP and Firefox.
I like your weather watcher. It’s very useful and i’m disappointed !
Regards from Paris.

Weather Watcher uses weather.com, so you need to figure out why you cannot access weather.com from your computer. Something on your computer is blocking that access, your Internet provider is blocking that access, or weather.com itself is blocking your IP address.

If you access the 'net through a company LAN you should talk to the LAN admin people. If the WW update frequency was lower than say every 30 mins they may have blocked access to the weather.com URL.

Please let us know what you find.