Serious bug for me in latest beta version

First, let me say how much I’ve loved Weather Watcher in the past. I recently upgraded to the version 6 beta due to my old version 5 no longer retrieving forecasts no matter what settings I chose.

However, I ran into a serious bug on my PC. After installation, I got all sorts of freezes and odd things happening such as the following:

  1. Word and Excel don’t start right away when trying to open. A delay occurs that averages about 20 seconds. And clicking on an XLSX or DOCX file does absolutely nothing.

  2. I can no longer get My Computer to show half the time, even after rebooting. I double click and nothing shows up. Sometimes the same kind of delay as #1 occurs also.

  3. Other strange freezing such as with the taskbar not responding, etc, and explorer.exe crashing.

It really reminded me of window focus issues and that Weather Watcher was somehow interfering.

After uninstalling Weather Watcher Live, all works just fine again. :frowning: The version I tested with was 0.0.35 and I just installed it a day or two ago.

  • Matt

Did you try 0.36?

Here’s a link to version 0.0.36:

er, sorry for not providing the link lol…

I did try a newer version and am now using While my computer is still behaving strangely, it looks like some of the issues were from other sources such as my new label maker’s Excel plug-in and needing to remove DDE from the URL HTTP file type. Now it’s mainly RocketDock that doesn’t launch system applications like My Computer, even though the same link works under the Run box from the Start menu.