Running both 5.6 and 6 city vs. active station

Love the product and thanks for the work.

My question is why can I choose my city (Bailey, CO) in the older version but it doesn’t show in the new beta?

The closest station is up in Conifer which happens to run a very different weather patten and ends up with temps and weather that is very different from Bailey.

Is it possible to get to the same city list shown 5.6.x in the new beta? Or do I just have to stick with the older tool?


This same issue is what led me to the forums. The closest station to me is several miles away and well inside Denver metro. I’m in the Rocky Mtn foothills and 5-10ºF cooler. We also get more snow and much higher winds than Denver. has a few stations that are much closer and in line with WW5.

Weather Watcher Live uses a different data source than Weather Watcher. I will soon have access to the personal weather station data that Weather Underground is using. Once those stations have been added to Weather Watcher Live, I think you’ll be able to find a close weather station in almost any city.