Run Time-Error '75'

Alright, I’ve been running this program for a while (at least 8 months or so) and I’ve never really had any problems that I couldn’t resolve by just exiting and restarting the program… until now.

Now, whenever I start Weather Watcher, a dialog box pops up twice (the same dialog box) with the title: “WWDownloader” and the error message: Run-time error ‘75’: Path/File access error [ OK ]

And thats about all it does anymore. I first suspected it was privoxy (great program) because I had had some problems in the past with it blocking some useful content on So, I edited my settings in IE so that privoxy would be bypassed. Voila, works fine. But I’m still having the same issue with Weather Watcher. I’ve restarted it several times after changing all these things around but to no avail. Any suggestions?

Make sure Weather Watcher has read/write access to the Windows Temp folder.

Windows 98: C:\Windows\Temp

Windows 2k/XP: C:\Documents and Settings[Windows Username]\Local Settings\Temp

wouldn’t this be enabled by default? and if it weren’t wouldnt weather watcher be the least of my problems?