"Retrieve Weather" Issue

Hi. I downloaded this today and I must say I really like it. I love the customizable features.

I noticed that when Weather Watcher Updates, a really annoying pop up kept blinking on and off in abruptly in the middle of the screen. it would blink so fast I had a hard time telling what it was.

So I right clicked on the tray icon to do a manual update and it blinks again. I was able to see what it was, It was a windows installer box. Where is says “Preparing to install” As if I where installing a program. It seems to load then restart several times really fast.

Trying to see what was causing it I opened task manager to see that it was dl.exe and it was like the window pop up, starting up then shutting down over and over again several times before stopping. Weather Watcher Live IS able to successfully update.

Using Windows Vista Ultimate and WWL 6.0.22

Its just really annoying because Ill be browsing the web and it will pop up in my face every time it updates and kick me out of my games when in full screen. Its not SUPPOSED to do that is it? lol. Any help?


If you can figure out which program is popping up in the Windows Installer when DL.EXE runs, you can resolve the problem by using the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. This application will remove installation information for the conflicting application and prevent the Windows Installer from launching.

If you cannot see the name of the program attempting to install when that window pops up quickly, then check out the logs in the Windows Event Viewer. Click the Windows Start button, choose “Run…”, and enter eventvwr.msc to launch the Windows Event Viewer. Look through the “Application” or “System” logs to find the logged information.

Thanks for the reply.

I switched to using 6.0.33 beta before the topic was approved and that seemed to resolve the problem. I’ll keep this in mind if I run into the issue again. Thanks.

I tried that but here is the problem I ran into. The system log gave me the following error: Detection of product ‘{EF7E931D-DC84-471B-8DB6-A83358095474}’, feature ‘Core_Common’ failed during request for component ‘{0CDA3A4B-E3DC-4BDF-AA7E-00A8BF476602}’

I tried looking for any of these strings in the Windows Installer Clean Up program but couldn’t find anything and even remotely resembled any of them. Then I tried looking for something called Weather Watcher or Singer’s Creations, but again I couldn’t find anything remotely like it.

What am I supposed to look for? How do I located what I need to clean up?

Thanks for the help.

YEh, I have the exact same issue, same error in event viewer. I had already tried the cleanup utility before noticing WW was involved to no effect. I’ll go back a version or uninstall completely.

whoster69 & paulj, it looks like that problem is being caused by EA software. Check out the following thread:


Installed 6.0.26 on Windows 7 RC1 today and it runs beautifully! I don’t notice the update executing in the background at all anymore!

Not sure about Vista. I’ll install 6.0.26 on there as well when I get a chance.