Refreshing Wallpaper

I have Windows XP Pro/IE 8. I have the local map set for the wallpaper. The problem is that the only way it will refresh is if I manually right click and press “refresh Wallpaper”. On options I have it set for refresh every 10 minutes. Why isn’t it automatic?

Also, what is the difference between updating weather and “retreiving” weather?

Re: Refreshing Wallpapeer.

Most maps are probably updated about once per hour. It sounds like Weather Watcher Live is updating the map, but the image has not changed. View the map directly at the source and verify if it matches your wallpaper.


I just installed WWL. at 1:30pm today but the wallpaper still says 9:15AM (same problem I had a few weeks ago when I tried this software). Is this something Accuweather isnt updating?

                                                                                                       Thank You,Kerry

mocntrymn, I need some more information:

1) Which version of Weather Watcher Live are you using?

2) What is the name of that map?

3) In the “Wallpaper” section of the Weather Watcher Live Options window, what is selected in the dropdown box?

  1. 6.1.10

2,3) US(Missouiri) [AccuWx] Radar/Satellite

Map states 8:45pm 10/13/2009 …Present time here 12:10am 10/14/2009

Right-click the Weather Watcher Live system tray icon and choose “Map Manager”. Scroll down to that map in the list on the left, click the map to select it and look at the link displayed under the map image to the right. Do you see the following link?

If not, reinstall Weather Watcher Live and choose to “Replace my maps with new maps” when prompted.

Mike, That is the name of the map I have selected.

I will re-install per your directions and post what I find.

Re-installed and map says 9:45pm 10/13/2009.

Seems like its only the Accuweather maps that are doing this.

Update, Un-installed and completely cleaned the registry , now it shows a little over an hour difference, I can live with that, :slight_smile: Thanks for all your help and keep up the good work.